How to make a logo easily Here's how we'd summarize that for beginners:

A Windows logo :
is a normal .BMP file that's been renamed
is 320 dots wide and 400 dots high
only has 256 colours
gets stretched 167% in <--this--> direction when displayed.

To make one, click Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Paint.
In paint, click Image -> Attributes.
Set the units to pixels, and the colours to colour.
Make the width 533 and the height 400 then click OK.
Draw whatever you want using the regular paint tools.
When your done, click Image -> Stretch/Skew.
Change the horizontal stretch to 60 then click OK.
Click File -> Save As.
Click the down arrow to the right of the words "Save as type".
Select "256 Colour Bitmap (*.bmp;*.dib)" from the list.
Choose what you want to call it; press OK.
Paint then asks some stupid question about loosing colours,
Click Yes anyway, and voile; you just made a logo.
It won't animate of course, but to do that, you actually will need to read that long boring document.

Once you get the hang of that, you could try to do the same thing in Paintshop or Photoshop. Try acquaint yourself with all the other options in the program. Play with the palette editor a little, and in no time you'll be ready to take over the world with the rest of us.