Submit to Directory - Mode2 Due to the structure of our web directory; Which has been designed to help surfers find and download only the logo's they want; We are unable to accept submissions that

* Require a username, password or some other authenticative process for the files listed in the submission to be acessed.
* Contain more than one logo file, unless the submission is a whole set (logo.sys, logow.sys, logos.sys) based on the same theme.
* Are stored entirely uncompressed, or compressed in a format that can't be oppened by Winzip
* Kind of look at me funny or sideways.

If your file(s) doesn't/don't follow these rules  maybe you should make it so it does/they do. If you don't understand, dissagree with or wish to seek an exception to the rules we set then  tell us . Alternately you could submit your files in  Repository modes 1 or 2 . Doing so ensures we store your data the way we want it, but means we can't guarentee your files will remain available at our site.