Who is Arakaiene? I suppose the best person to talk about Arakaiene would be Arakaiene himself, except for the fact that he tends to exaggerate a little... So what we've done is let him tell his story here, then we've written the actual truth underneath in italics.

Hi my name is Arakaiene Hescronellociaene. I'm 28 years old, and currently manage a large chain of computer retail stores spanning all of Australia and parts of south east Asia.
Hi my name is Bob Ferris. I'm 16 years old, and currently work full time in a department store... as a cleaner.

Getting a job like mine isn't easy, and I had to put in a lot of effort and make many sacrifices along the way.
Getting a job for me wasn't easy. I had to drop out of junior high early, which meant I couldn't do guitar lessons any more.

Each day at work is stressful, as I have to sort through the piles of useless faxes that stream out of that infernal fax machine hourly to try and find which of our many suppliers have actually delivered stock on time.
Each day at work is stressful, as I have to clean patches of gum off the concrete beside the infernal gum machine, which streams out piles of stupid gum balls hourly, in the hope of being able to pry a dime out from one of the many colourful patches.

At least I get a chance to relax my powerful mind after work by writing C++ programs and drawing logo screens.
At least I get a chance to relax my wearied mind after work by playing N64 and downloading other people's precompiled C++ programs (you can write games in C++?)

The last person to hold my current job retired early.
The last full time cleaner at this store was beaten to death one night with his own mop. Spooky huh...

In my spare time I am also the webmaster for two internet directories... this one, and Yahoo!
In my spare time I am also the webmaster of two sites... this one, and a porno site I work on with some other mates.

My computer system is an Athlon 850 with 256MB RAM, a 27GB HDD and 21" Sony FD Trinitron screen. I'm thinking of upgrading soon.
My computer is a 386 that got written of by the education department 3 months back. It has 120Mb of RAM and I'm not sure about the hard disk. I've got a 25" monitor, but not the inches they use in America... I think it's more like the ones they use in England. I'm thinking of upgrading if my insurance company believes I was actually in the car I taped off "World's wildest police chases" last night. Great footage, should convince them.

Everyone said I had no potential as a child, but I proved them wrong.
Everyone said I had no potential as a child. I'm just glad I could live up to everyone's expectations.