YOU need a site like this Have you ever tried to find or publish logo's? Wallpaper, screensavers, and whole themes are dead easy to come across, but even the most popular theme directories don't have categories for people who specialize in the complex task of static frame, cyclic palette animation (making logo's). Besides, even if you find some logo's about the theme you like, you won't know if you like them until you download them and restart your machine. Downloading a logo you haven't seen is like downloading a program without a description. At "Arakaiene's Logo Repository" we help both developers and surfers by addressing both of these issues. We provide a forum for submitting logo files, and create preview pages so people only need to download what they like.

We also have a plan for free medical and dental care, 100% free public schools, saving the whales, ending world hunger, stopping pollution, cleaning our rivers, disarming street gangs, opening more sports stadiums, dismantling nuclear weapons and making cable internet free for everybody! But more on Arakaiene's bid for the presidency later.